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According to Lebanese news sources, three rockets were fired from Syria and hit East Lebanon, as a form of retaliation against Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria. Although no one was hurt in the attack, it is still a big symbol of the strained relations between the Syrian and the Lebanese.

The militant Islamist group backed up its decision to fire rockets, by stating “as long as the blood of Sunnis is being shed in Syria, Hezbollah’s strongholds in Lebanon will not be spared our direct response.” The town that was fired at, Labweh, is a predominantly Shiite town, and has been fired at previously in response to Hezbollah’s involvement in the war. This war is pitting Muslim’s against each other in a Sunni verse Shiite conflict.

Unfortunately, war is not uncommon in Lebanon. On top of their conflicts with Israel, Lebanon has been plagued by Civil War for much of the past 40 years. This is understandable as Lebanon is the one Arab country that has a very similar amount of Christians in relation to Muslims, which would of course strain tensions.


Sunni vs Shia

Sunni vs Shia. This image depicts exactly what the current state of affairs is in the current Syria-Lebanese relations. It is turning into a Sunni vs Shia conflict.